Careers will be Different Under Generation Y

Generation Y began in 1981 and includes the next two generations worth of children. They are called the millennials because they welcomed in the new millennium. They are also known for their change in direction from the “old ways” of doing things. They are commonly characterized as entitled and unable to make commitments. They see the world differently than the older generations have. They see the world through a different pair of glasses. Those glasses are changing the ways that careers are done.

Careers are a conventional hobby for a time. You are no longer married to a career choice just because you landed a job back in your early twenties. Today, workers are almost expected to leave that career path by the time they’re 35, if not sooner.

Due to the continual changes and advances in the economy, job types and careers are changing every day. More than just because of a lack of commitment to a career choice, the market has evolved to a point that people can move easily from one focus to another. People are less worried about moving up the chain of command as they are in doing something that they would love to do. An actor wishing to become the governor of a state is a great example. Arnold Swartzenegger thought it a good idea to pursue the governor’s seat and so he did. Although he’s not from the same generation, he’s a very good example of what you can expect for this changing generation.

The habit of switching careers can be a scary proposition in terms of steady financial rewards, meaning that it could change the way personal finances are run for good or bad. The importance of steady savings accounts has never been so great. Career changes will have to be made under strict financial scrutiny to be effective why you have to pay the bills.

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