Shopping Smart for Christmas after Thanksgiving

October came and went in the blink of an eye. Most didn’t realize how much time was passing until Thanksgiving started knocking on the door. You blinked again and now, before you can say “Sales!,” Black Friday will be over and you’ll be welcoming the Christmas season into your home.

Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year. At no other time during the year will you see so many people happily living their lives in service of others or being so friendly to each other in the stores. The Christmas spirit has such a powerful effect on the minds of people that they won’t to go above and beyond in preparation for this year’s celebration.

As wonderful as this desire is, it often translate into expensive shopping bills. Although you have the perfect gifts for everyone, you have enough debt to keep you catching up until next Christmas.

Check City would like to remind you to shop smart and within your budget. Research the deals coming on Black Friday and find a way to get the ones that matter most to you. Look for sales in the stores and gather every new couponing book you can get. Go online to find cheap options and buy a multitude of things on sale to decrease your shipping costs.

Getting the perfect gifts and enjoying your hard earned money can be a lot of fun. If you find some great deals, but you don’t quite have enough money, stop by Check City. There are even some Check City locations that are offering their own Black Friday deals…

The Check City in Taylorsville (2490 W 4700 S) is opening at 5 a.m. on Black Friday, 11/23/2012. You can take out any loan on Black Friday and you will save 10% on the loan. But, you have to get their quick to take advantage of this deal, the deal is only available from 5am – 8am.

The Check City in Ogden (1177 Patterson St) is offering a 10% saving on loans taken out this week. So, if you are in the Ogden area, stop by this location before Sunday (November 25th) to take advantage of this deal.

Enjoy your Black Friday shopping! Be safe and get some great deals to start your holiday season.

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