Heat your Home for Cheap This Year

Don’t overwork your heater this winter. Your energy bill is likely going to see a quick upsurge as the temperature plummets this coming winter. After living here for just two years, you’ve learned by now not expect a mild winter from Utah. The high altitude and nearby canyons offer extremely cold temperatures and high winds for a minimum of three to four months out of the year. The only way to compensate for this extreme change in climate is often to turn your heater up for the winter season.

For those that can afford it, they don’t mind the hiked up energy bill they get at the end of every month. They figure the comfort is worth the cost and will pay it without a question. For the rest though, the higher bill is an unwelcome sight, especially as they would rather spend their money on celebrating the holiday season—which most certainly includes using the money to improve someone else’s holidays with secret gifts or jars.

Fortunately, there are a few cheaper alternatives that will save you money on your heating bill during the frigid season.

First, seal the cracks and weaknesses on your window and door frames. The older a building gets, the more likely it is to have shifted sometime. This often means small cracks around your door and window frames that let in a constant draft. The more drafts coming into the home, the harder your heater has to work to keep the house cool. Carefully take a lit candle around the house to help you locate the source of drafts, and then buy a cheap tube of caulk and a respective gun to seal up all of these cracks. This alone has the potential to save you a lot of money.

Second, ensure your home is properly insulated. Your walls and attic need an even layering of insulation to block the cold from entering the house. Lay down new insulation wherever you need it to fix this problem.

Finally, turn your water heater down to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Insulate the pipes and cover the heater with an insulating blanket and it will keep your water warm. The water will be hot, just not scalding, and your energy bill will feel the difference.

By all means, stay warm this winter, just don’t pay out of the nose for the comfort.

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