DIY: Make your own Deck from Scratch

Increase the value of your home by increasing your floor space. You can actually extend the floor space of your home when you build a deck. Although it does not go into the final square footage of the house itself, it is carefully notated in an appraisal’s report that the property has a deck. Appraisers will report on the quality of the deck and thereby set a value to it. The deck is an asset and offers a great return on investment when you do it yourself.

Determine what you want your deck to look like and measure out the dimensions. Rectangles are easiest to build, but customer shapes can be worked with.

The process comes down to digging shallow, parallel trenches, placing cement footings in those trenches and placing frame boards between them to act as a strong foundation. Then you screw in the frame and the floor boards and you’re done. Most of the harder work, like shaping your wood, digging holes and cementing boards into the ground is taken care of for you with cement footings. The process has become easy enough for every day homeowners to do themselves and make it look good.

The best advice to offer is to buy extra materials for the times that mistakes happen. Don’t leave a mistake just because you don’t want to buy one more thing. You are already saving a lot of money by not going the contractor route, and you can still make more money from it should you sell the house. It’s an investment worth making to make the deck look nice.

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