DIY: Different things You Can Do with a Dryer Sheet

Dryer sheets are not just for clothes anymore. Hundreds of people have found alternate uses for dryer sheets that can sometimes prove more effective than traditional methods. They can also keep you from purchasing something to replace what you already have. Use them to save a little extra money every month. Dryer sheets work as amazing alternates for:

Swiffer sheets: Instead of buying a new box of Swiffer sheets, try using a couple dryer sheets instead. Make a couple layers to make sure it sticks, but they can be just as effective as the Swiffer rags.

Paper towels: You can use them to clean up dry messes. Instead of reaching for a paper towel, go for a dryer sheet.

Plug-in scents or candles: Throw one of these in your closet or dirty clothes hamper to keep them smelling good.

Lint Rollers: swipe it over you like you would a roller when you have pet hair on you. It’s useful for clothes and furniture.

Mosquito repellent: take a used dryer sheet and stick it in a pocket or a belt loop. The chemicals in the sheets repel bugs. Many swear by this method.

Scent tree: Instead of purchasing a pack of scent trees at your local convenience store, throw a few dryer sheets under your seats to keep the care smelling fresh.

Cleaning chemicals for pots and pans: This is less of a replacement option and more of an ones condition from: whatsoever really… effective way to get off hard food residue on your pots and pans. Fill it up with warm water and drop an old dryer sheet into it. As it soaks, the chemicals help soften the food.

Dryer sheets are cheap when compared to all of these things. One box could do any of these things for you, meaning you don’t have to buy them at the store.

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