Use Goals to Lift Life

Too often in this world there are people who do not achieve their great potential due to the misuse or neglect of proper goal setting and achievement.  The power of setting goals has long since been proven by real world experiments and by the experiences of millions who have benefited from them.  Few things are unattainable when pursued with the proper techniques involved in setting and achieving goals.  This includes the concept of being free from debt and having secure finances.  Anything can be set as a goal and with continued motivation and effort that goal can be realized.  But how can one even start the process?  What is proper goal setting and what is the initial step to take in accomplishing seemingly insurmountable tasks?

Firstly, decide what goals to set.  Seems broad and basic but it is the starting point.  Set a goal that will help you to achieve greater goals in the future or that will help to improve your life in some way.  For example, if your job requires you to attain some form of knowledge before you would be able to advance and be promoted, set a goal to acquire that knowledge which will permit you to advance your career.

Once a worthy goal is decided upon, write it down!  This is perhaps the most essential part of setting a goal that often goes undone.  By writing your goal down you are building a form of accountability into your goal setting that will keep you honest in your attainment of them.  No shortcuts or rationalizations that the achievement of a lesser success is the achievement of your stated goal.  Once your goal is written down and a system of accountability has been put in place, a person can begin to plan out how they will accomplish the written goal.

Planning ahead for how exactly the goal will be achieved will create a map that the goal setter can follow to reach the end goal, whatever it may be.  This planning should include smaller and intermediate goals that will build upon each other towards the attainment of the main or stated goal.  By so doing an insurmountable goal is broken up into reachable and less threatening smaller goals.

By setting and planning worthwhile goals a person can accomplish much more in their lives than if they choose to merely work on the tasks immediately in front of them.  Vision and perspective and the ability to accomplish goals are required for those who desire to achieve more from their life.

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