Set a Budget for Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, many people are wondering how they can save a few extra dollars this year without missing out on all the spooky fun. Like with everything else, the best way to save money this year on Halloween is to set and plan a budget of expenses and then stick to it. When planning out how much candy to buy for the trick-or-treaters this year consider how many bags of candy your household used last year. If you had a lot of candy left over from last year that might be a good indicator that not as many bags of candy need to be purchased for this year. Decide what an adequate amount of Halloween candy would be for the amount of trick-or-treaters that will be present in your neighborhood and set a candy budget accordingly.

On and before Halloween, be sure to only open the bags of candy as they are needed and not all at once. This is important as after Halloween these unused bags of candy can be returned to the store thereby saving you additional money by refunding to you a percentage of your candy budget. Remember to keep the store receipts for your candy purchases to allow you to return the unopened bags of candy to the store after Halloween night has passed. To be sure not to waste that candy which you can’t return, find ways to either use it, perhaps through use while baking for example, or to donate it to one of the multiple donation centers and programs who will gladly take your excess candy.  In this way, while not saving money directly, you will at least be able to some use out of you leftover Halloween candy.

To save money with costumes, consider homemade costumes to store-bought alternatives.  Finding and using items around the house for use in creating homemade Halloween costumes can be both economical as well as a fun family activity.  Through budgeting and a little inventive ingenuity a family and an individual will be able to save money this year on Halloween.

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