Prevent Costly and Destructive Fires in Your Home

Even the smallest of kitchen fires can cause great and extensive damage to a person’s home.  Flame and smoke quickly eat and decay a structure’s materials and cause severe personal property damage.  Recovering from such a disaster can cost a family or individual hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.  The best way to ensure you are not one of the unfortunate homeowners who are affected financially by the damage incurred by fires is to prepare and plan ahead.  By making sufficient and quality preparations a homeowner can be assured that they will not be shelling out their own money to repair and restore lost possessions.

Perhaps the first and best way to be prepared for such a disaster is with proper homeowners or property insurance.  At Check City we are capable and prepared to offer our insurance services to residence of Utah at competitive prices and with the coverage that will back up financially your possessions.  Come in to our store locations and talk with an Insure Utah representative to explore our homeowner’s insurance policies and find an insurance plan that will best suit your needs.
Beyond being well covered with insurance, the best way to prevent a fire within your home in the future is by implementing proper preparations and preventative measures in your home now. The initial and crucial preparation that should be taken by families is to install and maintain working smoke alarms.  These can be purchased at any hardware store and are the primary fire safety precaution that will ensure your families personal safety in the event of a fire.  Install your smoke alarms on every level of your home and if possible in multiple rooms per level.  Smoke alarms should be properly maintained by testing it monthly, cleaning and dusting it regularly and replacing the batteries once a year.

A large amount of fires that begin in a home are ignited by misuse of electricity within the home.  Prevent electrical fires by using electrically outlets responsibly by not overloading their circuits. Electrical fires can also be avoided by the correct use of appliances within the home.  When appliances malfunction and are in danger of causing an electrical fire there will often be warning signs that accompany those malfunctions. These warning signs can include unusual smells emanating from the appliance caused by irregular overheating and sparks from the electrical source of an appliance.  If these warning signs occur the appliance should be immediately switched off, unplugged and repaired or replaced.   Safety with respect to potential ignition points should be paramount when preventing a fire in the home.

By taking these and other known precautions, a family will be able to not only prevent and restore fire damage but will be physically secure in the event of a devastating fire in the home.  Doing so and having proper homeowners insurance will also literally pay you back by saving potentially hundreds of dollars on repair costs.

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