Maintain Your Car to Save Money

Repairing one’s vehicle after a break down can cost thousands of dollars and may even be more expensive than it would be to buy another car.  Improper maintenance of your vehicle can increase the likelihood that your car will breakdown earlier and at a lower total mileage than other vehicles of its same make and model.  To ensure that that does not happen, a car owner needs to be willing to spend a little time and money here and there to fully maintain the vehicle and ensure it is running properly.  There are many things that people can do from their own home that will allow their cars to function at peak performance and for longer that if they treat their cars with complete neglect.

The first thing that car owners should be aware of and continually maintain is their vehicles tires.  Tires can be an expensive and buying new tires every year will drastically hurt anyone’s finances.  To avoid common replacement of tires make sure that they are filled to the correct pounds per square inch as is stated in the vehicle’s owner’s manual.  Most sedans will require a tire pressure of around thirty five psi.  However, for such tires an owner should be aware that a ten degree fluctuation in outdoor temperature has the potential to decrease tire pressure by one psi every month and as such should be checked regularly to ensure tires are properly inflated.  Failure to properly inflate your tires could lead to unnecessary pressure to be put on the tire’s outer walls and cause that tire to fail resulting in a blow out and a ruined tire.

Another standard maintenance procedure that a person can perform at home is an oil change.  This needs to be done every three to five thousand miles on most vehicles and can cost around fifty to sixty dollars every time it is performed by professionals.  But in an attempt to save this money, don’t overlook the necessity of an oil change.  They are vital to a properly functioning vehicle.  Instead of choosing to not get the oil changed on your vehicle, learn how to do it yourself at home.  Most vehicles’ oil can be changed with relative ease and learning how is as simple as a quick web search on the topic.

By performing these two basic and necessary maintenance items a person can increase the longevity of their vehicle and save money in the process.

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