Live the Dream Build a Tool Shed

With October comes images of agriculture. Large gourds and pumpkins abound and changing leaves fall from their branches. With this turn in the mindset of peoples to the agrarian comes certain urges to invest in an organizational and storage complex known commonly as a backyard tool shed.

For many weekend warriors and semi-vocational green-thumbs that venture into their own backyards for nothing but the thrill of work and toil there comes a time when the need for a tool shed seems like a necessity. For those who brave the proverbial back forty on weeknights and ends, a tool shed is a near necessity if not a practical one.

Your own tool shed or backyard garden shed can be almost a status symbol. A status symbol that can be flaunted in the face of Jerry your pesky neighbor who drinks his lemonade while showing off his new riding lawn mower. Really Jerry; you bought a riding lawn mower? Your home sits on the same half acre lot as your neighbors, pal.

But never mind stupid Jerry. Your new tool shed is a real necessity brought on by the years of collecting and purchasing various gardening and maintenance tools that now need a place to be finally organized.  Besides that your wife said get them out of the garage, so . . .

But you deserve your own backyard shed! Jerry doesn’t have one! So plow on, you armature farmers. You who cultivate quarter acres of lush Home Depot plants and potted topsoil, you who stare grocery stores in the face and proudly declare your independence from the produce isle and you who own big straw hats even though they make your forehead itch.

Build the shed. But where do you start?  Even with all the handyman skills and rugged independence you have acquired throughout your years as a semi-pro landscape artist and backyard engineer how do you begin to build your own tool or gardening shed?  For those who lack the skill to build from scratch their own standing structure, consider this one phrase: per-manufactured sheds.  Save time and save money by purchasing a pre-built shed that will accommodate all of your shedding needs.  And yes, “shedding” is being used out of context.  But who cares; go forth and plant, toil, and soil!

Build a Tool Shed

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