DIY: Reinvent your Home Instead of Remodel it

Are you feeling those urges to tear apart a room, knock down a wall or renovate your entire home because you’re just so tired of seeing the same things over and over again? Seriously, if you don’t get a change soon, you might just go a bit crazy and a room remodel sounds like just thing thing to spice things up again. The idea is awesome, but the execution can be more expensive and stressful than you fully realize. Remodeling at that level can cost you thousands of dollars out of pocket and mess up your home for several months until you can finish the work. It’s not always the best solution to your boredom of the way things are.

Fortunately, there is are better solutions to this problem, and they are a lot easier and cheaper than a remodel.

  1. Repaint your room. If your front room is a bland shade of white, paint in yellow. The vibrant color will influence the mood of the people in the room to be happy and outgoing. If you can’t stand a bright shade, go for a classy combination of a forest green with white highlights.
  2. Purchase seasonal art and swap it out every few months. You can always add a new look to your home by simply having a stock of wall and decoration art that you can pack into boxes at will. If you have art for every season, you will be changing it out at least every 3 months. That will be just enough time for you to enjoy it again without getting tired of it. You might even ache to see a piece go. That’s great news though as you will be excited to decorate your walls with it again.
  3. Rearrange the furniture. Don’t just move the couch to a different wall, but seriously consider rearranging everything in that room. Even consider swapping furniture from another room to spice things up. Many times, all you want to do is see it in a different orientation, not necessarily buy new stuff.

All of these ideas will save you money on a remodel, and yet have the same effect as a remodel.


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