DIY: Reinvent your Furniture Instead of Replacing It

Last week’s DIY taught you how to reinvent your home instead of remodeling it. The purpose of that post was to teach you how to rethink the way you look at what you already have. You don’t always have to remodel or replace something to make it usable and pleasurable again. When you reinvent it, you save money and get the same results.

Today’s post is about reinventing the furniture you already have. Furniture can get old and rundown after just a few years of being in your home.

Reupholster your furniture

Many chairs and other furniture need new fabric and padding to get a fresh look. The best part about this option is that you can pick your own fabric and determine how cushy you want your new seat to be. You have a lot of flexibility for your own design. You can make previously non-matching chairs suddenly complement each other. The step-by-step instructions to do this are too long for this blog post, but you can do a quick Google search for instructions to help you along.

Refinish fading wood

A nice refinish can make even the most faded wood look brand new. And it is as easy as repainting. All you need is apply a couple coats of stain, followed by a couple coats of varnish and a few man hours to complete each piece. It’s a perfect sized project for a weekend. And you can always do one chair at a time, spreading an entire table set across a months’ worth of weekends.

Re-fluff your old couch pillows

Sometimes your couch pillows lose some of the spunk they had before. They can get flat and hard to your head, making them ugly and uncomfortable. In many of these cases, you can go to a local craft store to pick up some new filling (usually some kind of poly material, like poly-fill). Unzip or open a seam in your pillow to remove the old and put in the new. Be sure to tear apart the poly fill inside the pillow to maximize the fluff. Note: These instructions are for pillows that sit on your couch, not the cushions you sit on. Those take a special kind of firm filling.

There are a ton of things you can do to reinvent the furniture you already have. There are plenty of tools available to you to do it too. So next time you want to replace a piece of old furniture, try reinventing it instead. You could wind up with a new piece for a much cheaper price that you can love for years again.

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