5 Ways to Save Money on your Entertainment

Here are a few ideas on how you can save money while keeping up with the entertainment industry.

1) Swap old books movies and DVDs cheaply online

2) Maximize your use of the library. Library cards are free. The library itself is a government run agency meant specifically for you. The literature is there for you, and they have a lot of the most recent releases. Books aren’t the only thing they have either. You can also get movies, books on tape and magazines. Check your local library before you head out to the bookstore.

3) See movies in the dollar theater, or rent them through Redbox. The dollar theater may not be as nice as the other theaters, but it still has a big screen, contains excellent speakers and even sells popcorn for normal theater prices. You can have a very similar experience to the actual theaters for a much cheaper price if you wait.

4) Borrow these things from your friends for a weekend. You likely won’t need to watch that move or read that book again for a while. You don’t need to buy it to enjoy it Friday night. Perhaps one of your family members or friends can lend it to you.

5) Pick favorites. If you enjoy the theater experience, or the thrill of a mid-night book release, then pick the ones you have to see (keeping the grand total no more than 3 or 4 per year). Plan to participate in those events, but do not let yourself go beyond that. If you cannot for the dollar theater to see The Hobbit, then go see The Hobbit. But if you are bored on a Friday night and hear that Breaking Dawn Part Two is out this week, do not go. You can watch it for at a minimum of $7 cheaper at Red Box and saying no will teach you a habit that will save you much more money in the future.

If you have planned on a certain expense, but come up short financially the day of the event, consider applying for a 1 hour cash advance from Check City. It can get you the money to enjoy the event.

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