Ways to Have Fun This Winter

With winter coming on more and more people are settling into the mindset of closing up shop on outdoor fun till the spring thaw.  By so doing, however, many people miss out on the many exciting opportunities that await the winter adventurer.

Firstly let’s address the more costly ways to enjoy winter outdoor recreation.  The most common is purchasing snow machines or snowmobiles to ride across snow covered mountain clearings and peaks with accelerating speed and adventurous experiences.  The price of these machines and the cost to transport them can cause most to shy away from them but still they remain the top form of winter outdoor recreation in most snow covered states.

The second somewhat pricy way to have fun outside during the winter is to look into snow skiing or snowboarding as a hobby.  This isn’t the cheapest way to enjoy winter weather but it is far less expensive than purchasing snowmobiles.  Outfitting costs can be what you desire with starter skis and boards being less expensive as more advanced and specialized equipment.  Passes for ski resorts will also cost some cash but will depend on the quality and renowned of the individual resort.  To get the best deal on a mountain pass, look for specials and promotions offered by resorts to entice patrons to their slopes.  These deals can cut back significantly on recreational costs.

A less expensive way to enjoy the outdoors during the winter is to take up ice fishing.  During the winter month, the many of the lakes and reservoirs that dot the United States freeze over sufficiently to walk safely across them.  Outfitting for an ice fishing trip is extremely inexpensive.  All a beginner needs is a fishing pole and an axe or hatchet to cut a hole through the ice.  Later on, one can buy more specialized equipment like an ice auger that will drill neat circles through a frozen pond or lake and specialty ice fishing poles designed solely for that purpose.  Before venturing out on the ice, however, you should consult with experienced ice fishers or a local sporting goods store fishing expert to gain advice and to make sure that the ice thickness in your area is at a safe level.

Sledding, winter walks around town or up winter groomed trails, snowball fights and building snowmen are some free ideas to get you outside and enjoying the season this winter.

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