Taking Vacations as an American Employee

Many people do not realize that the average American does not utilize all of his or her vacation days.  An average of 11 vacation days are left unused at the end of every year by American employees. There are many countries in Europe and Asia that require companies to provide paid vacation days to be given to employees that have been with their company for at least ten years. Interestingly, a recent survey showed that the average American worker felt that it was necessary to have at least six consecutive days off of work to truly unwind.


Taking your time off and ensuring that you are able to cultivate a healthy balance between work and personal life may help you be a better worker and feel more fulfilled in your life. When you are know that you want to take a vacation, you should be sure that you schedule it far enough in advance that the vacation is possible.


When you schedule your vacation in advance, you can be sure that you are able to take it and that your employer does not have any problem with you taking your vacation.  If you have a scheduled vacation, you should be sure that you utilize and take advantage of your vacation time.  If it is possible do not bring your work laptop, do not pick up work phone calls and let yourself focus on other areas of your life. Talk with your manager before you leave to ensure that it is okay doing this, then you will not take any heat for not being available on vacation.


If you do not have any grandiose plans for your vacation days, use them to stay home and finish projects around the house or explore the city that you live in.  This way, you can be sure that you are able to unwind throughout your work year.

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