Spending Money to Save Money

There is an old adage that states “it takes money to make money.”  Interestingly, that can apply to saving money as well.  It may sound counter intuitive, spend money to save money, but a person’s willingness to splurge on certain items can actually provide that individual with a little extra cash, corporate success, and a generally higher quality of life than those who choose the cheap rout every time.

If we can stick with the wisdom of old adages, time is money.  And as such we should consider that our time is literally worth money.  Either directly through a salary or hourly paycheck, or with the ability to better ourselves through worthwhile pursuits, or if what we really need for a healthy day of balance is a little relaxing down time, every minute of our time is an investment into our future.  And that future includes in it a very real financial aspect that needs to be constantly nurtured to avoid disaster.  With this in mind, if our income exceeds that which we would spend on a hired help, outsourcing household duties such as yard work or cleaning around the house may actually be financially responsible in the long run.  Doing so allows increased time for you to improve yourself either with additional education (another expense that pays you back in exponent) or other worthwhile self-improvements.

Invest in your dress.  Look the part you want others to perceive you as and eat the expense to get that way.  Understand that this doesn’t mean becoming a fake person, be yourself and be confident in that, but also understand that looking your best and radiating your best to others will go a long way in your business success moving forward.

Become handy.  It was stated earlier that hiring out help may actually improve your situation but becoming proficient in dealing with minor household fixer-ups and general maintenance will save you potentially hundreds in repair costs.  This would include spending a little money on proper tools for everyday situations.  Go ahead and fork it out.  When the repair man isn’t coming monthly for this and that your initial tool purchases will make that money back.  For major, unexpected repairs however, like a busted pipe in the wall, calling in a professional will still be your best option to balance that ever important use of your time.

Look at your own situation and decide what is worth spending money on and what isn’t.  Understand that some expenses are necessary, others or superfluous, and some can pay you back with worthwhile investments into your future.

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