Money Grows on Trees: for College Students

There are a few ways that struggling college students can get their hands on a little extra money to help them pay the bills. Although there is no money tree that they can drop by to pluck a few hundred dollars from, there are a few ways of earning a few extra bucks that do not take learning special skills or even a resume.

Donate plasma

Selling your plasma is different than donating blood. The Red Cross will take blood to give to other people, leaving you lacking a certain amount of blood. These donations don’t pay you a dime. Plasma is a different beast. Plasma centers take your blood out of your body, separate the plasma cells from the rest of the blood and return what’s left to you to use. The center pays you for your time and plasma. Your body will soon remake those plasma cells. You will be just fine without them for a while though while your body makes them again. Students who participate in this often receive $20-$30 per visit and you can usually visit about once every week. It’s not a ton of money, but at least it’s something.

Participate in studies

Depending on how willing a person is to become a human experiment, scientists are developing new drugs to fight anything from Alzheimer’s to sleep deprivation. Depending on the study, you can make anything from $5 to $6,005. Some are obviously a bit more risky than others, so carefully assess what the study will be asking of you before you sign up for the research. There are plenty out there that are safe and will still pay you a pretty penny. Find those and you’ll be able to afford housing, books and tuition for a semester or two. Another benefit of entering this kind of research is that it’s usually a much smaller time commitment. To earn the same amount of money working part-time at minimum wage, you would have to work almost a full year to earn the same kind of cash that a test gave you after just a week of visits.

Put some thought into it and then start pursuing your goals. You’ll find a way to pay for college in your own unique way. There’s always a way to make ends meet.

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