How to Safely Give Money to Your Kids

Prepaid items are one of the safest financial investments you can make. Prepaid cell phones offer you the option of mobile phone usage, but without the risk of going over your minutes. Surpassing your minutes in a postpaid plan—i.e. one that bills you at the end of every month—can become extremely expensive, even unaffordable at times. If this continues, your family could begin to suffer from financial need. Unlike the postpaid plan, a prepaid plan won’t allow you to “go over minutes.” Instead, it stops you in your tracks and makes you purchase more minutes before making another call. Instead of dealing with the frustration of extremely high bills at the end of the month, you get the benefit of learning to conserve money by conserving phone usage.

The same forms of benefits can be applied to giving your kids money. Prepaid Netspend Debit Cards offer you the option of putting a set amount of money on a debit card. This debit card then has a balance that can be used anywhere that accepts Visa or MasterCard, which means it can be used pretty much anywhere. These are great for allocating a certain budget for your kids to use on whatever they need. You can buy them a prepaid debit card to take with them instead of letting them take your debit card. That way they get what they need without the added risk of potentially losing or misusing your debit card.

Drop in to Check City and get a Netspend Prepaid Debit Card today. They only cost as much as it costs to put money on the card. These cards even offer you the ability to add more funds when the card runs out. It makes a great resource to give to your kids whenever they need money.

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