Eating Better for You and Your Wallet

We all know that we should eat healthy.  It is one of those things that is always at the back of our minds or that we wrestle with but for whatever reason seems to be postponed till tomorrow. But with the benefits of a healthier diet so apparent one wonders why the struggle?   Why does it seem to be so difficult to commit to eating healthy?  Is it because we don’t have time to sit and prepare a homemade meal so we put off eating right because of the convenient pre-made meal from a restaurant?  Or do we suppose that the value of a burger off a dollar menu, while it may not be good for our health, is good for our finances?   It could be just as simple as not wanting to buy the healthy choice at the grocery store because the sugary saturated fat deliciousness next to it looks so much better. Or perhaps it is not that we want to eat unhealthy, but we do because we honestly don’t know what kinds of healthy things we should eat.

Whatever the reasoning or rational, our goal to eat healthier seems to be either short lived or rarely started.  To solve this problem of in and out healthy dieting we first need to make the goal a real one.  Commit!  Write down your goal to eat healthier and make a detailed plan of how to accomplish that goal.  Include a shopping list of healthy ingredients that will come together to make healthier meals.  If ideas for meals are an obstacle to your personal goal to eat healthily do some quick research online.   For example, frozen fish, like tilapia, are a good source for vitamins and minerals that promote a healthy body and they come in inexpensive packages containing multiple filets and make for a quick and easy option for dinner.  Buying healthier ingredients to a meal and then preparing those meals yourself at home will save you staggering amounts of money previously spent on unhealthy, expensive, pre-made meals offered at restaurants and fast food establishments.

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