Affording the Unexpected Expenses of the New School Year

Life has finally calmed down at your house recently. The kids are all back in school, celebrating their second or third straight week of perfect attendance. Things are peaceful. You managed to get all the bills paid, the food on the table and the new school supplies. Every expense was accounted for. Throughout the summer you made sure to save enough money for the craziness of August. Although you don’t have a lot left for personal expenses, you have enough to get through until your next paycheck.

That is, you did have enough money to get you through until the next paycheck until your daughter comes up telling you her teacher is requiring her to get a new point and shoot camera for the photography class you promised she could take and your son comes in wailing because he broke his leg jumping from your two-story window. She needed the camera yesterday and the doctor’s office will need a co-payment today. And pay day isn’t until next Friday. Your peaceful financial situation is under attack. You can almost hear impending financial doom approaching as you duck for cover.

Nearly everyone can relate to this situation. In your own way, you’ve probably been affected by unexpected expenses that are necessary, but simply unaffordable at the time. Check City has figured out a way to help you get through these rough times without putting you under a great deal of financial strain. We can offer you a payday loan that will get you access to tomorrow’s check to pay for today’s needs. All you need is proof of past income (recent pay stubs), a state or federal ID and a checking account. Then you go to, fill out our online application and then wait for approval. Within 24 hours, you can have money in your pocket to take care of these expenses, so you can return to your peaceful evening.

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