Saving Water this Summer

Drought conditions have been declared to be severe throughout the United States this summer. With these drought conditions have come declared states of emergency, as farmers struggle to get full crop yields and as the relative danger from the heat rises. In order to combat this drought and to do your part, consider making a conscious effort to save water whenever you can.

It might not seem like much, but if everyone was to do the same, it would greatly aid in making this situation a little better for everyone. There are a host of things that you can do in order to save water and contribute a little bit.

To start off with, try to avoid running water whenever you don’t have to. For example, something as simple as brushing your teeth actually uses a great deal of water if you let the faucet run in between brushing efforts. Rather than letting the faucet simply run, consider turning it on and off with every rinse. The same effort can be applied with shaving- turn it off and turn it on with each needed use, rather than simply letting it run.

Likewise, another good thing to consider doing is taking showers rather than baths. Showers use a lot less water than having to fill a tub, so it is a quick and easy way to get clean while being able to save on some water in the process.

Perhaps most critically of all, make sure that your lawn sprinklers are being set to go off at the right time, and check their frequency as well. One of the biggest ways that people waste water is by watering their lawns during the day. When you water a lawn during the day in the summer, a lot of it is simply going to evaporate. As such, change your sprinklers to go off at night.

All of these things will help!

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