Packing your Kids a Healthier Lunch

One of the best things that you can do for your kids is make them a healthy lunch for school every day. It is becoming harder and harder to have a completely healthy diet. There are always quick alternatives that can be found to replace healthy food, and sometimes they are a very tempting proposition indeed.

The children of our nation are already at a crisis point with their health. Obesity is an epidemic, as is the rate of diabetes and other issues. As such, healthiness is becoming something that has increased in focus over the last few years. Luckily for parents everywhere, it is a fairly simple matter to make lunches healthy while still making them appealing for kids.

A good place to start off with is sandwiches. No matter what kind of sandwich you pack, you can immediately improve the health levels of the meal by using wheat bread instead of white. There are wheat options that are just as soft and tasty- if not tastier. If you are putting meat on the sandwich, be sure that it is fresh and low in fat.

Instead of sweets and chips, put apple slices and baby carrots and celery in the lunch. If you make sure to use fresh and brightly colored food, it makes it a lot more appealing to kids. You can put in applesauce as a dessert if your child really wants to have that. Pack juice bottles instead of soda, and try to keep milk at a low fat rate as well. It may take a while, but being firm with healthy lunches will help your kids to appreciate the taste of them.

Above all else, use your discretion and your best good judgement when packing lunches for your kids. Be sure to make them nutritious and inviting, and remember that this time of development can greatly affect later life.

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