Helping Your Child Learn to Love to Learn

Keeping kids entertained throughout their summer break may not be the most important focus of parents’ energy.  When your child is out of school, studies have shown that they can lose between one and two whole months of reading and math education.  There are ways that you can combat this as a parent. Taking time to teach your children to  learn and to love to learn throughout the summer months will help your child excel in school. There are many ways that you can get your child excited about learning and focusing on those learning exercises that are going to get your children excited is a great way to ensure they will be engaged.

A great way to keep them thinking and keep their mind working throughout the summer months is to create a reading program.  Having an incentive for accomplishing the reading program can be a great way to keep them excited. Reading with them on a daily basis and finding books that they can delve into and really enjoy will ensure that the chore eventually becomes something that they can love. Talk with your child and make sure that they feel that they can be open about the books that they are interested in reading.

Taking your child to museums and other educational activities is a great way to have fun while still learning.  Do not be afraid to ask them questions about the trips that you take.  You may even want to create a worksheet that they can fill out while they are in the museum. Explain to them that if they finish their worksheet, they will get a specific incentive.  This way, they will be excited to participate.

Working with your child throughout the summer months may do a great deal of benefit in helping your child progress well once he or she returns to school.

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