Washing and Waxing your Car this Summer

One of the simplest joys that you can find during the summer months is in washing and waxing your car. Making your car shimmer and gleam is something that is both cathartic and enjoyable, and it is something which shows real results.

Washing and waxing your car is a simple process that does not have to use highly specialized ingredients or tools. Instead, you can get a professional look from fairly common items. The key to getting great results is all about being methodical and doing the best job that you can. The job is going to be separated into two obvious parts- the washing and the waxing.

To wash your car, fill up a bucket with dish soap and get a couple of rags, as well as a shammy cloth. Using a hose, get your car wet, then proceed to dip one of these cloths into the soapy water. Lather your entire car. Rinse it off with the hose after it has been completely lathered- and repeat as you see fit.

Dry the car with the shammy cloth, making sure to get every part of it. You will want your car to be dry for when you wax it.

Once you have finished with the fist part, then it is time to wax. Apply wax to a pad or soft cloth, and then work it in using circular rubbing motions. Cover the entire car with a thin layer of wax- you’ll know when you’re done, because the paint will look dulled.

Once the wax has been applied, use a clean cloth to rub it out,using the same circular motions. Make sure to go over the car a few times in this way, as wax smears can remain undetected quite easily.

The end result of your work is a clean car! Go out and enjoy it!

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