Painting a Room This Summer

One of the best ways to reinvigorate a room and make it feel like new for the new season is to paint it! Painting a room can change the mood and feel of the space, and make it better for everyone who goes into it.

Painting a room is a fairly simple process, and it can be done quickly and well if you know what you are doing. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the preparation work that you do will make or break your experience. Good prep work will speed things up and let you finish the job with a minimum of mistakes overall.

Prep the room by covering the molding and ceiling lines and door frame with painter’s tape. Take extra care to apply the tape in straight lines, so that it will remove smoothly and in perfect lines for you. It may take extra time and effort, but setting up the tape is worth it. Cover your floors with drop cloths and make sure that furniture is moved out of trafficked areas.

Once the room has been prepped, it is time to paint! In most cases, you will want to primer first. Some paints come mixed in with their primer, but using primer on the walls is the best course of action to begin with. Using a paint roller, apply the primer to the walls with smooth and even strokes. You should do a couple of coats, letting the primer dry in between each one.

Once the walls have been primered and it has dried, then apply the paint over it using the same technique. Apply two or three coats of paint for best results. Once the main work has been done, use a smaller brush to go over your work and touch up anything that needs it, such as along baseboards and ceiling line.

Once everything has set in and dried, then you can remove your painters tape, and clean up your mess. You should have a room that looks like new!

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