Leaving No Trace when Camping

Camping is one of the most popular summertime activities. Going out and sleeping in a tent and building fires and playing games is a unique experience that is very enjoyable to go through with friends and family. Camping tends to build good memories, as well as letting all who are involved get back to nature and relieve stress.

One of the most important parts of camping is the impact you have on the space you visit. Whether you are backpacking across the mountains or merely pulling into a campground for the night, you should always strive to leave no trace that you were ever there.

As humans, we tend to be messy when it comes to the environment that we visit. For example, the typical camping trip may yield wrappers and cans, as well as upturned rocks and burned materials. Such refuse is bad for the environment, and will make situations worse if it happens with every visitor to a certain spot.

Leave No Trace camping emphasizes picking up your garbage and carrying it out in a bag, rather than burying it or throwing it elsewhere. It may be out of sight for you when you do that, but it still is harmful for the environment. Carrying everything that you brought in out in a bag with you allows the space to be as viable and natural as possible.

In fact, Leave No Trace camping also emphasizes leaving an area better than when you got there. Therefore, if someone else has left a mess, then the effort you make to clean it up will make things better than before.

When it all comes down to it, this style of camping is both environmentally friendly and is a courtesy to others. As such, it is recommended that we all take the time to do the right thing and help out the environment in any way that we can.

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