Taking Out the Boat for the First Time

If you own a boat, then you are most likely getting excited for taking it out for the first time soon. The end of May is usually the first time that boaters can take out their boats. The temperature is warmer and most docks will open at about this time. While most encounters will still be chilly due to the water temperature, it is perfectly possible to go and have a blast!

There are some things that you should do if it is the first time this season that your boat is going out. Assuming that your boat has been winterized and is now ready to go, you will want to get everything in order that you need to have fun out on the lake. To begin with , make sure that the essential fluids have been replaced, such as the oil and gas. Refilling with fresh fluids is essential.

Next, consider changing out the spark plugs on the boat. A winter of the vehicle being idle can take its toll on electronics. Fuses and plugs can be found for fairly cheap at marine supply stores. It is a simple task to replace them and you will be glad to have a fresh start.

Make sure that you put the plug into your boat before you go out! The plug is usually taken out during winterization to allow the complete draining of fluids. Put it back in, or risk swamping your engine!

When it comes to actually taking your boat out on the lake, take it easy for the first little while. Make sure to keep your blowers on during idle times, and ease the boat up to speed rather than ramming it there. After a winter of not being used, your engine needs a little care in order to get to its best standard of performance.

Take these tips, follow them, and have a great and safe time out on the water!

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