Safely Enjoying the Sun

As summer starts, it is important to understand how you can safely enjoy the sun. When the sun starts to come out, you want to enjoy the time in the sun without hurting your body. There are many ways that you can prepare to spend time in the sun that will ensure you do not hurt yourself while you are in the sun. First, you should always be sure that you are wearing sunscreen. Your sunscreen should protect you against UVA and UCB rays. Reapply your sunscreen on a consistent basis and make sure that you apply it with enough time to soak into your skin before heading out into the sun.

Second, when you know that you are going to be in the sun for an extended amount of time you should be sure that you have some type of covering. Whether this means bringing a big umbrella to the beach or wearing a hat when you are out walking, you want to cover your skin the best that you can. Allowing yourself to have some shade can also be very refreshing when you are spending time in the sun.

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